Bring your material innovation to the market 30% faster!
β€œWe enable European SME to deploy low carbon circular material innovations to the European Key Value Chains 30% faster and cheaper creating eco-friendly products made in Europe.”
John Fahlteich
Exploitation and Business Manager, KetMarket
"We want to establish a sustainable Open Innovation Ecosystem that provides access to technical facilities and specialized business services for accelerating market entry of novel circular and carbon neutral materials to EU key value chains."
Magda Krokida
Technical Coordinator, NTUA
"Convert2Green is a commercial innovation network with the ambition to provide Small and Medium Enterprises all over Europe technology and business services to accelerate their innovations and new product developments from the idea to the market."
Angel Del Pozo
Biokeralty - Use Case Partner
"We maximise innovation potential by accessing external partners."
Martina Chopart
Project Manager

Convert2Green team can assist in many different application domains:

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