Workshop on Sustainable Nanofunctionalized Materials

June 28, 2023

SAVE THE DATE – 28th June 2023, Prague (hosted by AMIRES)

AMIRES Business & Innovation Institute will be hosting the ‘Workshop on Sustainable Nanofunctionalized Materials’ in June in Prague. The event will be co-organized by FlexFunction2Sustain and Convert2Green projects.

The workshop targets start-ups, SMEs and Mid-caps or traditional industries with innovative background, growth potential and interest in innovative facilities and business services available for them on the EU market.

Our event will be structured into thematic sessions comprehensively covering the whole value chain from introducing and integrating novel materials into the innovative business products to end up with the after-life-end solutions, sustainability, and circularity. Details on the sessions to be found below:

  • Session 1: Sustainable Design and Manufacturing
  • Session 2: End-of-life solutions and product integrators/end-users
  • Session 3: Sustainable materials in applications 
  • Session 4: Innovation Ecosystems for sustainable materials 

Both AMIRES and partners from our projects will attend. Take the chance to meet and find out more about latest results and funding opportunities!

Feel free to register here if you want to join us!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Prague!